Asta in the Wings, by Jan Elizabeth Watson

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Group Members:
Alicia Rodriguez
Alex Craig
Emily Chaloult
Lindsey Dubois (Facilitator)
Lorrie King

Discussion Location: Ms. King's room 210

Book Discussion Agenda:

Clarifying Questions
What was your first impression of the book?
Why do you think that the mother did not let the children outside of the house?
Why doesn't Asta defend herself when she gets picked on?

Who do you think was the most influential character?
Why do you think the mother talked to Asta like she was an adult?
Did Asta make decisions for herself or for Orion?
Did their mother ever know she was doing something wrong or was she honestly trying to protect them?
Why wasn't Orion walking to anyone at the hospital or in the police car?
How does the children's past affect the plot of the story?

Narration/Writing style
Did you enjoy the first person narration?
Do you think that the first person narration connect you to Asta more than other narration would have?
What did you dislike about her style of writing?
Asta being the girl writing the story, was it affective?

How does the setting enhance the story?
What does their mother do to keep them hidden from the outside world?
By Asta falling through the floor of her house, how does that give us an idea of the quality of the house?

Did Asta's impression of her mother change after she was taken away?
Did Asta and Orion think that there was anything strange about their lives?
How did being discovered by the outside world change Asta and Orion's lives?
Why did Asta not seem scared when she was taken away from her mom?

How is the theme of family illustrated in this book?
How did the bump on Asta's hip reappear in the novel and what was its significance?

Significant Passages
What do you think the most memorable passage is from the whole book?
What was the passage that made you think about who you are as a person?
Even though the book is being told by a seven year old, are the passages significant?

Why do you think the police did not go and find the children to tell them their mother was in the hospital and she was okay?
What significance did the title have to the book?

Outside Resources
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