Bluebeard, by Kurt Vonnegut

Group Members:
Dustin Pazar
Zack Glenn
Ryan Maguire
Liz Bergesch
Alan Hall

Discussion Location: Mr. Hall's room 105

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Kurt Vonnegut


- Rabo Karabekian: Armenian-American painter, main character, friend with Jackson Pollock.
- Circe Berman: Writer, stays in Rabo's house, encourages Rabo to wright his autobiography.
- Paul Slazinger: Friends with Rabo, also lives with Rabo for a time.
- Dan Gregory: Former instructor to Rabo.
- Marilee Kemp: Dan Gregory's mistress, convinces Dan to take Rabo on as his apprentice.
- Edith Taft: Rabo's 2nd wife for 20 years.
- Dorothy Roy: Rabo's first wife, left with their two boys.
- Alison White: Rabo's live in cook.


- Rabo's mansion in the Hamptons, New York.
- Potato Barn.


- What did you think was in the potato barn? How did you react to finding out what was actually in the barn?
- How does the title of the book relate to Rabo Karabekian and his story?
- Are there other reasons why Circe Berman and Rabo Karabekian are drawn together?
- The war seems to inspire Rabo for most of his paintings. Is the reason why he dislikes the happy pictures of girls on swings because they have nothing to do with what he felt in the war?
- Rabo seems to resent by Circe Berman, yet he never takes any initiative to get her to leave, why not?
- After Rabo paints "now its the womens turn", his only painting with soul, he hides it from the world, why?
- Does Vonnegut display an anti war message in Bluebeard?
- How does Vonnegut use Rabo's character/story to express his own views/personality?
-How would you describe the relationship between Rabo and Dan Gregory?
-How does the Armenian genocide/Rabo's heritage/family history contribute to his character?
-Why do you think Marilee sent so many letters and supplies to Rabo in his early years as an artist?
-Do you feel Rabo suffers from a sort of "survivor syndrome"?
-What do you think Circe's reason was for staying with Rabo was?
-Circe's first question to Rabo is "tell me how your parents died?" what do you think she wants to get out this?
-Could you argue that Rabo and Paul Slazinger were really friends?
-What do you think the effects of showing what was in the potato were on Rabo?
-Why did you choose this book? What looked interesting?
-Which character did you like the most? why?
-What do you think was the most important conflict in the book?
-Do you feel Rabo is stuck in the past in a way or just getting old and becoming hard to relate to?