Catch 22, by Joseph Heller


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Discussion Location: Ms. Pinkowski's room 605

• Why don't the MPs arrest Aarfy when they arrest Yossarian in Rome?
• Why do you think Yossarian tries to find Nately's whore's younger sister?
• What does Snowden’s death mean to Yossarian?
• Why does Nately's whore keep trying to kill Yossarian/what does she represent?
• What is the role of Milo Minderbinder in the book?
•Why do you think Joseph Heller chose to separate the chapters in such a unique way; focusing on certain characters?
• What opinion about war and the military do you think Joseph Heller wants the reader to have after reading his book?
• What do you think Yossarian looks like based on his personality only?
• Did you find Catch-22 humorous?
• Were dialogues confusing at some points or were you able to follow them?
• Are there any significant passages that you wish to discuss or stuck out to you?
• What are some examples of a Catch 22 in this novel other than the specific Catch 22 law?
• Do you think that Yossarian is the most sane or most insane character?
• Is everyone that takes place in the war crazy to begin with?
• How does Joseph Heller use dialogue to accent the tone of the book?
• What do do you think is the purpose of the humor?

Movie Trailer:
Directed by Mike Nichols
Written by Joseph Heller
Screenplay by Buck Henry
Released in 1970

Style of writing?
Third person narrator.
Hard to follow, because of in and out consciousness.
Short sentences, makes conversations seem fast.
Shifts between time periods, sort of like the stream of consciousness in Yossarian's head.

Self-service (selfishness)
Contradictions - "Catch 22's"
Effects of war on the human psyche

Set in World War II on Pianosa, island in the Mediterranean
US air force base
Partially in Rome

Yossarian and his crew have to fly a certain number of missions to complete their tour, but their commander continually increases the number of missions. The book explores their increasing insanity due to the stress.

Yossarian - Main character
Colonel Cathcart - The "Antagonist"
Colonel Korn -
Major Major Major Major - Accidentally a Major, Squadron Leader
Hungry Joe - Pessimist (finished all his missions)
Aarfy -
Snowden - The guy who dies in Yossarian's plane
McWatt -
Nately - Businessman (optimist?)
Nately's Whore -
Doc Daneeka - Pessimist, lost all his money
Chief White Halfcoat -
Milo - Head of the Syndicate, Mess Hall Officer

external image sjff_03_img0928.jpg
Alan Arkin as Yossarian.