Greasy Rider by Greg Melville

Andy Dugas
Joey Morrill
Eric Salvesen
Chris Hill

Discussion Location: Mr. Hill's room 500

Environmental Questions:
How alternative fuels could effect the future?
What is the impact of bio diesel on the automobile industry and major gas companies and that economy?
What is the impact of bio diesel on the drivers and household economies?
What are the benefits of biofuel?

Characters: Which one of the characters do you think had more control over the trip?
Why is Greg so annoyed by Iggy?
Why do you think Iggy was so annoying to Greg even though he was getting a free trip?

Themes: Why does the book focus on certain eco friendly ways to live?

Setting: Why do they go to certain parts of the country?
Do you think if they took a different route they would have had an easier time?
Do you think that if they had gone at a different time of year it would have been easier?

Conflict: Which time that they couldn't find clean oil do you think was the most nerve wreaking for them?
How does Greg tolerate Iggy for so long?
Why didn't they plan ahead and bring more oil from home?
Style of writing:


Outside resources:
BioFuel Oasis Link: