Sold, by Patricia McCormick

Group Members:
Julia Harrison
Jeanna Lowery
Morgan McNaboe
Margi Moran
Melissa Noack
Sam Valach

Discussion Location: Ms. Noack's room 406


  • in the different places that Lakshmi went, do you think the time and place had something to do with what had happened to her?
  • What did her surroundings have to do with her being oblivious at the beginning of the book?
  • How did Lakshmi's living style affect the type of person she is? How was this a challenge when she got to the city?

  • For Lakshmi and everything she went through, for instance, getting sold into slavery by her step dad and traveling through her whole country, what do you think the problems where between her and her sex slave owner Mumtaz?
  • How did Lakshmi feel when she thought she was being sold as a maid? When she found out the real reason?

  • What was one message/ lesson that you could learn from this book?
  • How does Lakshmi show the theme of staying strong and speaking up?
  • How was trust an issue for Lakshmi throughout the book? How was this an advantage and disadvantage?

  • What did you think about Mumtaz? could you say she was rough on the girls that were living/working for her?
  • What did you think of the step dad in the beginning of the book?
  • Who influenced Lakshmi the most out of all the people she met throughout the book?
  • What role did Ama play in Lakshmi's life? How did Lakshmi feel about her mother?
  • What were the people like at the brothel? What did they teach Lakshmi?
  • Did Lakshmi make any friends when she was working for Mumtaz? If so what were there names?
  • At the end when the cop had came to Mumtaz help all the sex slaves do you think they were happy to become free?
  • Do you think Lakshmi liked David Beckham?
  • Could u say Shahanna was one of Lakshmi's best friends?
  • do you think Lakshmi was said when Gita had got sold as a maid in the beginning of the book?
  • Who was the first person that Lakshmi got sold to?
  • Who did she call uncle husband?

• How did Patricia's unrhymed verse affect the readers perspective of Lakshmi?

  • " if you don't get out of bed and see customers today, you are out on the streets" - Mumtaz pg 195
  • " at tin roof means that the family has a father who doesn't gamble away the landlord's money playing cards in the tea shop, a tin roof means the family has a son working at the brick kiln in the city, a tin roof means that when he rain comes, the fire stays lit and the baby stays healthy." -Lakshmi pg 1
  • "Simply to endure is to triumph"- Ama
book review qoutes
  • " An unforgettable account of sexual slavery as it exists now." -Booklist (starred review)
  • " Readers cant help but be moved by Lakshmi's fate" - The bulletin of the center for children's books (starred review)
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