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Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortensen

Group Members:
Bell Rebecca
Tureff Emma
Ben Nickerson
Emily Davison
Kate Mather

Discussion Location: Cafeteria

How about we get this agenda going? Since this is a non-fiction story, will our discussion be much different? I don't think there'll be much difference I just think they'll be the points we emphasize will be a little different.

Also I'd like to see an "overall impression" part added just to see what everyone else's overall opinions are.

Discussion plans: you might ask everyone to share their first impressions, or a specific passage from the text, or assign everyone to a character to discuss. Don't plan every moment of the discussion, but ideas to start or options to go when a discussions stalls can be very helpful.


Clarifying Questions
-Why did you choose this book?
-What motives does Greg have to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and how were they changed throughout his experience?
-How important is Greg's relationship with Tara? With his family? With the first doctor he was involved with?
-How do Greg's failures and successes climbing represent his experiences and desires to build schools?

-Greg Mortenson
-Christa Mortenson
-Tara Bishop
-Haji Ali
-Jean Hoerni
-Faisal Baig
-Ali Changazi
-George McCown
-How did making his own little group of people in Pakistan help him?
-How did his trust in them rise and fall?

-What are some differences between his experiences in Pakistan and Afghanistan?
-How did the timing of 9/11 affect his experience?
-What was challenging about his time in the cities versus the mountains?

-Did he write it in any specific way?
-Did the order he wrote it in matter? Was it all the order it happened?


*Combating poverty through education
*Using optimism to find the good in a situation

Style of Writing

Significant Passages

Outside Resources which could include any of the following: book reviews, blogs, scholarly critical articles (Marvel), magazine articles, films, author interviews, book covers, factual or historical research, other pieces of literature by the same author or with a similar theme, images, etc

-What is the C.A.I up to now? Since it was written through 2004(?) what's happened in the last 6 years, especially with all the violence that's now going on?